Our New Features

Here at BookingHound, we love to hear your feedback and adding new features! And we know that our customers love new features. That is why we are always working hard to improve our online booking system and make sure that our event booking software works perfectly for you.

Take a look at some of the new features we have brought into the system to make your online business go further.


One of our newest and most useful additions has to be the deposit feature on our activity booking software.

It is designed to allow you to add in the option for your customers to pay the full amount of their booking or place a deposit down. This deposit can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the booking as a whole. Just like many other aspects of our event booking system, the finer details are down to you.

So why is this such a useful addition to have for your event and activity booking?

Benefits of deposits

  • There are a variety of reasons why you may decide to add the option for deposits into your activity booking system. These relate to both you as a business and your customers.
  • They don’t have to pay the full amount upfront
  • If someone is making a group booking, then chances are that their checkout amount is going to be high. Whilst they may have already secured the funds from the attendees, chances are that they will not have all of the money yet.
  • By offering them the option to pay a deposit rather than the full amount, you are helping them to make the booking, without having to worry about paying for it in full.
  • They can simply ask the other people in the group to pay the deposit amount, and then bring the full payment with them when they attend the activity or appointment.
  • You have security
  • If you currently operate a pay on receipt approach to your activities or appointments, then chances are that you have felt the sting of people making a booking and then not showing up. This costs you money and stops others from booking in with you.
  • By charging a deposit at the point of booking, you minimise the risk that people will become now shows and make sure that they follow up and come to see you.
  • So, now you see, everyone is a winner when it comes to taking deposits. Why not try them out for yourself? Thanks to Booking Hound, it is easy to add in this aspect to your online booking system and gives you an extra touch that can help you to maintain your business and make as many sales as possible.

Gift Certificates

If your customer makes a dated booking and wants to give this as a gift, with our Enterprise plan, you have the option to attach and send a gift certificate to the purchaser which has no price details.

As this gift certificate is added to the order confirmation email, it is then immediately available for the purchaser to print or email as a gift to the intended recipient.

Promo Codes – Max Number Of Users
An Enterprise plan feature whereby you can limit how many times each individual promotion code may be used.

Password Protected Specific Time Slots
An Enterprise plan feature to set a system generated passcode against an individual time slot which will then be validated against external online bookings.
This is a great feature for group bookings as unless this passcode is known, no one outside of the group can book and pay for that specific time slot.

Use YOUR OWN Booking Buttons
Simply enter the URL of your own image that you want to use as a web booking button, press the ‘Go’ button and BookingHound will then generate the full script code needed for you to copy and use on your own web site.

How amazing is that! With many more features and benefits of using BookingHound you will have to try out our system for yourself. Why not have your own 1-to-1 screen-share demo with one of our specialists, Click here to book NOW!

For more Information on Online Booking Systems, please contact BookingHound via email: letstalk@bookinghound.com or by phone: +44(0)208 736 0566 or to learn more about what we offer, visit https://www.bookinghound.com