‘First Come – First Served’ Booking Feature


Do you offer a number of activities or courses for the same time slot but can only deliver 1 at a time ?

With BookingHounds’ ‘first come-first served’ booking feature, you can set this up and manage it quickly and easily.

In short, this great new feature means that once the first activity/course is booked for a specific time slot, all other ‘linked’ activities/courses will then be unavailable for booking.

To access this feature goto SETUP–>ACTIVITIES–>Click VIEW on the selected activity required–>Click LINKED–>Select ‘First Come First Served’ from the ‘Linked activity capacity type’ dropdown

Take a look at the setup page below that details a number of activities that will share the ‘First Come First Served’ booking feature:

Activities Section















This ‘Freedom’/‘Enterprise’ plan feature is the perfect solution for any business that wants to offer the maximum number of activities/courses to its customers whilst at the same time minimise its operational delivery costs.


Why Bookinghound.com ?

Bookinghound is a ‘real-time’ online booking system that provides an extensive range of business development, sales, marketing and reporting features for Activity, Event, Tour and Training organisations.

It is a world class on-demand Software as a Service Cloud Computing application that delivers powerful business automation and reporting via a browser which allows you to run your business from anywhere you can access the internet.

In our 10+ years experience of developing booking systems, we have found that by having an online booking capability, which is available 24/7/365 to take dated bookings or sell gift vouchers, could increase the number of web site enquiries to bookings ratio by up to 30%

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