Why Activity Reservation Software Is Right For Your Business

Activity operators are designed to allow people to have fun, let their hair down and experience something that isn’t every day. Often people will decide that they want to do these activities, with little to no planning. Which means that they will want to book them as the idea comes to mind.

It may seem that the only way you can make sure that you take advantage of this is to be open 24/7, ready and waiting for their call, but this is not possible. Instead, why not see if activity reservation software from BookingHound is the right option for you?

Book when they need to

The internet is a wonderful thing; however, it has made the world a 24/7 place. People want to be able to buy products or book services whenever they want, not just during business hours. This is even true for activity operators.

By having an online booking system, just like BookingHound, you can offer this service all whilst your business isn’t even open; as you can embed the BookingHound ‘Booking widget’ straight onto your website, so you keep your customers on your site throughout the whole booking process, making it easier for them to make a booking.

Make the process easier

Not only does an online activity reservation system allow your customers to book their activity as and when they need to. It also ensures that the process is easy. You can be set up with BookingHound in a matter of minutes and in no time at all, your customer can go from thinking about taking part in an activity, to being booked and ready to go.

Great news for them, and even better news for you, which is why activity reservation software is right for your business.

Using a mobile to book

By using an online booking system like BookingHound, you’re covered on any device. Your online booking process will be mobile-optimised and ready for bookings as standard between all of BookingHounds different plans.

Get those last-minute bookings

If you are fully booked but still worried about last minute cancellations BookingHound gives you the option to allow your customers to sign up for a ‘Waiting-list’, so your customers will be notified if there’s a cancellation while also giving them a direct link to book for their desired time covering any cancellations you may have.

Why not give us a call to discuss any requirements you may have for your business to see how we can better your booking process. Please call +44(0)208 736 0566 for a chat with one of our friendly team of advisers or email: letstalk@bookinghound.com or book a free 1 to 1 demo of our online booking system in action.