Why Do Businesses Choose BookingHound?

“Why should we use BookingHound for our business?”. We get asked this numerous times by potential customers as they are trying to find the right Online Booking System for their business.

We know that offering a variety of training, courses or appointments means that you will have a high number of people booking your services. Rather than having to manage this with a paper-based system, BookingHound makes it easy for you to manage everything in one place with our ‘all in one’ booking system.

We have put a few reasons together why businesses can benefit from BookingHound’s unique online booking system software.

We save you time

Trying to manage your bookings can be difficult, especially if you have a vast number of different training courses or lessons on offer. Why not make the process easier with online booking? Thanks to our dedicated software you can not only offer online booking, but you can also manage and maintain those bookings, to ensure that you spend minimal time on them as possible.

Cut down on errors

Even the best thought-out manual systems can be prone to mistakes. Errors can not only be an annoyance to your customers, but could also be costly for you as a business. By having an online booking system, you are cutting down on the chances of any mistakes happening, meaning that you can have a fully-booked event, without any chances of over-booking.

Make it easier for your customers

We all want to make the booking process as easy for our customers as we can. With BookingHound, not only can they access your training courses and book them 24/7, but the entire process is as easy as possible with our ‘Booking Widget’, which sits directly on your site.

Speed up payment

Being paid is one of the most important aspects of running any business! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that you will want this part to be quick and easy. We know that some activity operators rely solely on payment; and booking by paperwork can be tedious and complicated and take far too much time to complete.

With BookingHound your customers will never leave your website, as you can offer to take payment straight from your website securely. Your customers will be able to benefit from a smoother and hassle-free booking experience, whilst you can maintain customers and help grow your activity operator business.

With many enhanced features on the BookingHound system there is so much we can do for you and your business. Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements to see how we can better your booking process. Please call +44(0)208 736 0566 for a chat with one of our friendly team of advisers or email: letstalk@bookinghound.com or book a free 1 to 1 demo of our online booking system in action.