Whats new in BookingHound – May 2017

New BookingHound Feature – Customised emails per individual activity

On a per activity basis, change the email confirmation that your customer receives for any of the following elements: Operator name, Contact details OR the logo.
This is ideal if you want to present different addresses or even a logo for each different activity you run.

New Feature – Resources now shown on Operator confirmation email
You can now easily see any allocated resources when a new booking is made

New Feature – Set a Minimum Number of Attendees Required
Set the minimum number of attendess required in order for your activity or event to run.
Once the minimum number has been achieved, the time slot opens fully.

New Feature – Booking widget now links to ‘GROUPS’
Further enhances BookingHound’s deep linking capabilities.

New Feature – Apply fees or taxes for specific tickets
Option to charge a fee to say ‘Adult’ tickets only and not ‘Juniors’

New Feature – Change calendar start date view
Easily change the default start day of the week that suits your business.

New Feature – Change SMS from name
Use your own company name as the ‘From’ detail when sending SMS messages.

Enhancement – Additional help video and documents
Even greater online help and support to get the most from BookingHound.

Enhancement – Mobile viewing
We have made some tweaks to the home and calendar pages to make them even more mobile friendly.